El Hotelito
at The Rainforest Experience Farm
Birdwatching at El Hotelito
El Hotelito sits at top of a  25 acre nature preserve. We have donated the scenic rights to the Puerto Rico's Fideicomiso de Conservacion where all our 25 acres must remain as they are for eternity, it can not be cut down or changed in any way. This is a step we took to preserve all indigenous and endemic wildlife including many different bird species. We've had birdwatchers stay with us and I've asked them to please write down any species they can identify so I can have an idea of what's out there. Here is a list of some bird species seen on our property by our guests:

-Puerto Rican Tody
-Puerto Rican  Lizard Cuckoo
-Puerto Rican Tanager
-Puerto Rican Screech Owl
-Puerto Rican Emerald
-Puerto Rican Vireo
-Puerto Rican Fly Catcher
-Puerto Rican Bull Finch
-Black Wiskered Vireo
-White Winged Dove
-Zenida Dove
-Antillean NighthawkScaly-naped Pigeon
-Pealy-eyed Thrasher
-Red Tailed Hawk
-Mangrove Cuckoo

Please email us with any questions. As of right now our trails are only open to hotel guests, a lot of times it might only be you walking around our property specially if you wake up at dusk to go birding. If you want to come explore please email us for availability.