El Hotelito
at The Rainforest Experience Farm
       Green Corner


Here at El Hotelito our mission is to be an example of how we can run a hotel using 100% renewable energy and live in harmony with nature while still enjoying all the commodities of home. It is not hard for every one of us to start these practices at home and begin moving towards a green home. Solar and wind technology have become more affordable making it very possible for us to divorce our electric company.

Electric Power:

El Hotelito is 100% off the electrical grid, we operate everything with solar and wind power. We encourage helping us conserve energy whenever possible by shutting off unused lights, making sure not to leave lights running when not in the room and by not using hair dryers or other devices that tend to draw a lot of power. If you want a quick run through of how this all works please let us know, we will be glad to show you.


In today’s society a lot of us take water for granted, we pay our water bill and that’s it. Up here water is a commodity that we appreciate greatly, all of our water is collected from the rain. Please help us by efficient use of the water, quick showers are appreciated!

Green Products

El Hotelito uses all fruit based cleaning products and does not use any pesticides to maintain our green areas.


El Hotelito recycles all cans, glass bottles and plastic.