El Hotelito

at The Rainforest Experience Farm

Driving Directions from San Juan Airport  (1 hour drive)

-As you leave the airport, take the exit to Carolina (after the San Juan exit), this is highway 26 you will then pass the airport on your left.

-Highway 26 turns into route 66 and this is a toll road, there is a $1.50 toll.

-Continue to the end of route 66 stay in the right lane and turn right at the    intersection. There is an outlet mall on the right. This is route 3.

-Continue through route 3 until the first Fajardo intersection where you will see Office Max, Video Ave and Mcdonald's on left then a Walmart shopping center on your right. After that you should also see Walgreens, Wendey's and Sizzler on your right.

-After 4 more traffic lights stay in the right hand lane
 and take the exit opposite to K-Mart. Go up to the bridge, turn left and once over the bridge turn right. This brings you into the town of Fajardo.

-After the traffic light take the first right and make a right immediately after the Police station and make a right at the upcoming stop sign. Go under the bridge and bear left. This is PR 976.

-This road will continue for approximately 3 1/2 miles. You will pass a stadium and park on your left, then a cemetery. After the gas station the road veers sharply to the left.

-When you see a baseball field on your left, take the road to the right, this will be road 984 you should see the sign for that intersection on your right. Then take the first road to the left, you will see a blue and white Hotelito sign.

-From here follow the posted signs. The last 3/4 mile of the road up the hotel is an unpaved road, no need to rent a 4x4 vehicle, all cars drive up just fine, if you get at least a midsize car you will have nothing to worry about.

Refer to the map below for a visual aid.


Our location has been updated on Google. If you use the google map app or click "Directions" from our Google page you can navigate here pretty easily.